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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 has been a long time since I have posted.  It has been a very busy year this year and it is slowly coming to a close. I think we are all ready for  a break after all this state testing!

Two of my colleagues and I have enrolled in a program to receive our master's degree and administrative certification.  So, this summer we will be working on our courses. Exciting and scary all at the same time!

So this year we did "team teaching" in pairs and it worked GREAT!!  Why haven't we been doing this all along??
We worked together to be sure the very same organizational strategies in all four classrooms so that the children knew exactly what the routines were.  We used several fantastic ideas from Pinterest in our classrooms.  Where has been Pinterest been all my life??  Wow!

The first thing I did that I am SO glad I did was to get RID of my desk!! I am so thankfull for the extra room since our rooms are fairly small.  It is a very old school. So what did I do with all my stuff??  Well I made this nifty little toolbox (idea from Pinterest!!)
As you see I still need to add a couple of labels...but I LOVE  it!!  It takes up so much less space than a big old desk.

I found these owls at Wal-mart this past summer and hung them from the ceiling to make my table signs.  Pretty cute!!

I am ready to start planning next year and think I will continue to use my owl theme (it IS our mascot).
Stay tuned!

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  1. I forgot all about the little toolbox! I so need to make one of those!

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