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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 has been a long time since I have posted.  It has been a very busy year this year and it is slowly coming to a close. I think we are all ready for  a break after all this state testing!

Two of my colleagues and I have enrolled in a program to receive our master's degree and administrative certification.  So, this summer we will be working on our courses. Exciting and scary all at the same time!

So this year we did "team teaching" in pairs and it worked GREAT!!  Why haven't we been doing this all along??
We worked together to be sure the very same organizational strategies in all four classrooms so that the children knew exactly what the routines were.  We used several fantastic ideas from Pinterest in our classrooms.  Where has been Pinterest been all my life??  Wow!

The first thing I did that I am SO glad I did was to get RID of my desk!! I am so thankfull for the extra room since our rooms are fairly small.  It is a very old school. So what did I do with all my stuff??  Well I made this nifty little toolbox (idea from Pinterest!!)
As you see I still need to add a couple of labels...but I LOVE  it!!  It takes up so much less space than a big old desk.

I found these owls at Wal-mart this past summer and hung them from the ceiling to make my table signs.  Pretty cute!!

I am ready to start planning next year and think I will continue to use my owl theme (it IS our mascot).
Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Work in progress!

Well, it is time to get back to work!  Many of you have already returned and some are gradually returning.  Our first contract day os Aug. 20th with school starting on the 27th.  However, I have already spent three days working in my room to try and get a jump on things.  My daughters have been going to help me out .  I treated them to Sno-Cones yesterday afternoon!  They were delicous especially when it is 100+ degrees outside!

We worked in my room until they kicked us out.  I forgot to take a picture before we started, but here are a few pics of us on the second day.  Thank goodness we made so much more progress since then!
See my oldest daughter cutting out laminated goodies!
What a mess!

Well, I will take more pics next week, but I made a cute sign that I thought I would share.  I saw the saying on pinterest and loved it!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Tick Tock!!-- A linky party!!

Tick tock....our summer is coming to an end!

I couldn't wait for summer to get here and it is hard to believe it is coming to an end soon. Most of us will start heading pack before our contract time just so we can throw hours upon hours into getting our classrooms to look "just right" before our new students arrive. We will work sometimes with out A/C and without help, but we still do it....every year!

It has been a good summer.  I may not have achieved alot of my DIY projects I had envisioned, but we did do ALOT this summer.  Here are a few things:

*My daughter (16) is ready to get her drivers license after alot of practice
*she also got her first job (and is very excited)
*Both daughters (16 and 10) went to summer camp for a week
*youngest daughter attended golf camp (she ♥'s golf!)
*she also receives private lessons from a PGA pro 2x a week
*Oldest daughter practices with the varsity cross country team 4 days a week
*I have spent an enormous amount of time on Pinterest finding wayyy coool stuff!
* I have managed to keep my yard green all summer in the Texas heat
*We took a week vacation to the Texas coast
*I read all three novels in the Fifty shades of Grey series (yum!)
*I read Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks
*I have started another novel.....
*Did our doctor appointments, sports physicals, etc
*My new niece was born (she is adorable by the way!)
*cleaned out our garage

whew......I am tired !  But as most of us educators do, I still have MORE on my to do list to accomplish before school starts!  EEK! 

I am joining the link party to share our to-do lists! goes my list (off the top of my head of course! I am sure I will think of 20 more things when I am done!)

To Do:

1. buy toolbox with 20+ drawers to organize my teacher stuff
2. buy sterilite drawers to organize all my reading games by objective
3. Make desktags
4. Get my planning binder in order
5. buy new Owl border
6. paint two bookshelves I already have at school and buy/beg for two more
7. make final thoughts and plans on behavior rewards system (by table groups?)
8. make an updated "Book About Me"
9. Plan out first week
10. go shopping for new pants, capri's, dresses
11. Buy an new super cool broom from Ross/TJ Maxx for the classroom
12. plan out class room set up
13. Meet with my team to plan (and have lunch since we are there! )
14. Make binder covers
15. make a new behavior chart (mine has seen better days)

I am gonna stop there......geez I better stay off Pinterest and all these blogs if I am gonna get anything accomplished! ♥

What do you have left to do??

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A recent blog I have discovered is Mrs. Fultz's Corner. Her blog is great and I enjoy seeing the new blog designs she makes and other goodies! She is having a give-away and you really should check it out!
Ms. Fultz's center>corner
I would LOVE love love to have her redesign my blog into something much cuter and practical! I love the cute owls and polka dots that have become so popular lately.  I think I also could use some help renaming my blog....any ideas??

Don't forget to check out her giveaway!               

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Be Sure to join us on the Mystery Blog Hop!! Leave a comment on the blogs you visit!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What are some of your "must haves" in your classroom?  I have MANY as I am sure you do too. We all get used to the items that make our room more smoothly and efficiently.  One of my favorite items are these:

These are dry erase paddles from Kleenslate . I saw them at a Texas First Grade Teachers Conference in 2007 and had to have them.  They are a bit pricey, but so worth it!!!  Once I showed them to my principal and how we used them in the classroom, she ordered a set for every classroom.  They are AWESOME and the kids love to use them.  It also makes it easier for fast responses when teaching in a large group and the kids do not feel so intimidated about getting a wrong answer. I used them with my first graders and now use them with my third graders. LOVE them! My 3rd graders will go grab one when they are working on a computer program or playing an educational board game to work out math problems without having to waste paper.

**************Check them out!!!****************

Monday, June 25, 2012

June is coming to an end already?  What???  Nooooooo......... We were just finally "released" June 7th!  Well, lots going on for June with us. One daughter in golf camp two days a week, one has cross country practice 4 days a week, both went to camp for a week in the Hill Country, and my new niece will be here in a few days!

I have enjoyed my occasional sleeping late and lounging with no real schedule (excpet the girls sports schedules), but I have found myself on the computer quite a bit searching for the things for the upcoming school year.  Why do we teachers do this????

I just have to say whomever created Pinterest is a GENIUS!!   I love love love pinterest and have found so many wonderful ideas shared by other teachers!  That's not even talking about the many recipes, arts and crafts/DIY projects, outdoors ideas, etc.  Ahhh........

I found this poster which you will definitely see hanging in my classroom this upcoming year! Says it all! The transistion from 2nd to 3rd grade is always a tough one and we gets lots of comments that 3rd grade "isn't easy".......   Oh my....

Another thing I have enjoyed is staying up to watch all the Friends re-runs on Nick at Night! I am a HUGE Friends fan and really miss that show! Sigh....

I am looking for "Owl themed" items for my room so if you know of some great stuff, let me know! That's all for now!  Thanks for stopping by!