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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hot hot hot!!

It is super crazy hot here in south Texas as it is in many places right now.  We have had many days this summer with temperatures well over 100 degrees.  My oldest daughter is a high school  athlete who runs cross country and track.  We are doing everything we can to keep her well hydrated since she has been practicing in the heat.  Even though practice is at 7pm, it is still 100 or higher. Athletes around the country have died due to heat exhaustion.  Very scary folks!  Keep you and your kiddos hydrated! Even though I am sure we will be banging our heads against the wall when school starts because they are going to tell us "no recess" due to the heat.... it really will be the safer option to stay in.  Let's just hope our school A/C cooperates!  Drink lots of water!!!! 

We are staying in during the day as much as we can.  What are you doing to stay cool?

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