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Monday, August 8, 2011

Last day of freedom! (sorta)

Well, it is that time!  Today is the last day of freedom for me....sorta.  Tomorrow I can finally go in to work on my room!  :)   Even though I am not required to go until Monday the 15th, I must go.  There is no way possible to get it all done in the two days they give us.  Actually, a day and a half since Meet the Teacher is on the Friday afternoon before school starts!  So, tomorrow all the stuff I have been lugging around in the back of my car will get a new home!  New stylish crates, pencil holders, shiny posters, new borders, etc.  No more sight seeing trips for you!

Back to the routine.  Routine is good for me...even though I ♥ my sleep late days (I have trouble sleeping in the summer..weird..I know) and wearing my cute Yellow Box flip flops.  I do better when I am on a schedule.  It exhausts me, but I sleep like a baby! zzzzzzzzzz......

My daughters will be entering their sophomore and 4th grade years in school.  They are anxious and excited and I am as well for them. Fall brings new school supplies, new routines, new expectations, traveling all over the state following my daughter's varsity cross country team, and hopefully some cooler weather here in HOT-Texas!!

Every year my goal is to "be better organized".  I think that is one of those forever goals with me.  I am organized, but am also guilty of making "piles". I am working on that. This year I have a new goal.  I found this saying on my friend Ginny's pinterest board and re-pinned it to mine.  It  is so true! goal this year is to live with a positive attitude----GLASS HALF FULL!! I want my class to be more positive to each other as well.  Many of them come from dysfunctional home lives and I need to find a way to make them think positive.
I am looking forward to this school year and the changes it brings.... So here we go!

What is your goal for this year??

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  1. I love the poster! I want to do better at letting the little things go and to not obsess over school. When I'm at home, I don't want to stay in teacher mode.