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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time flies when you are ....BUSY!!

Wow......time flies when you are ......BUSY!!!

I have not been on here in a month!  No time to do much other than go to work, help give rides to day care for my nephew (my sister had surgery), pick up my high schooler from cross country practice, pick up my 4th grader from our friends home (they care for her afterschool for about 30 minutes till I can get there), come home, make dinner, feed family, feed horses, pick up the house mess that magically occurs even though you just cleaned it, get ready for the next day, shoewr, sleep, and...repeat! Weekends are busy too running to small towns in Texas to watch my daughter compete in varsity cross country meets and lets not forget church, CCD classes, and ......grading papers! Blah!

While on here today I found a give away!  I love give aways!  I won one from TeachHub and from the Organized Classroom blog! I never win anything so I was delighted!

The give away is from Glue Sticks and Tape.  It is a $25 Walmart giftcard. Who couldn't use that? I would use it to buy something for myself!  I know, that sounds selfish...but I am always buying for my kids, my students, and everyone else.  I will turn 40 next month (YIKES!!  How did that happen?) and would like to treat myself, even if it is only at Walmart and not a fancy spa! :)

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  1. Thank you for blogging this! I don't think buying something for yourself sounds selfish at all. Sometimes you just have to take care of YOU!!!