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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Behavior Doctor

I had the opportunity yesterday to hear "The Behavior Doctor", Laura Riffel, PhD speak. Although our seats wear very uncomfortable (a junior high auditorium built in the 50's), the speech was definitely worth hearing.  What great ideas and perspective she has about dealing with children with "problem" behaviors!  After siting there all day, I started thinking about how I like the kids to get up and do learning centers for reading and math. While centers are GREAT, there are times when we need to stay at our desk and do work.  I realize sitting there will get uncomfortable for some kiddos (as I was uncomfortable yesterday).  I have a chair cushion on my teacher chair I sit at during small group why not make the kids chair cushions??  This is something I think I may do for them.  I have to explore cost, color,materials, etc. Has anyone else done this?

Here is the link to the site for The Behavior Doctor if you are interested. Today I played the music from her site while the kids were doing independent work.  Very calming.....

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