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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Crafts

It's that time again!  Time to start thinking of which Christmas crafts I will do with my is a list of things we have done in the past.  Now just to decide.....

Christmas Craft Ideas:

Candy cane reindeer—use 1 candy cane, 2 “googly eyes”, one small red pom pom, and one brown pipe cleaner cut in half to make two pieces
Make a snowflake center—this is a center activity on following directions—all they need is a piece of white copy paper , their scissors, and pencil
Heart Wreath- students will trace hearts onto green construction paper , cut out and form a circle with point of heart facing the middle of the circle.  Then they will add small red circles as “holly”.
Snowman Can- Use a clean soup can.  Paint it white, add eyes and nose out of buttons and students will draw a with a red or black sharpie.  Hot glue ribbon around the bottom of the can to serve as a scarf. Hot glue a pipe cleaner as a handle.
Clear glass ornament- Students stuff iridescent filler into a clear glass ornament and the paint a snowman face on to it.
Blue handprint ornament- students dip their hand in white paint and they will grab the blue  ornament from the bottom. This will give the effect of five white snowmen.  Add hat, and face with black sharpie.  Attach poem :”These aren’t just five tiny snowman as any one can see, they are made with my handprint which is a part of me. Hang it proudly on your tree so you can recall, the Christmas of 2011 when my hand was just this small”
Can lid metal ornament: use a soup can lid removed with smooth edges and cleaned.  Students can decorate with glitter, scrapbook paper, paint, etc.  Add student’s picture to the middle and add a ribbon to hang.
reindeer  lapel pin: Use old fashioned wooden clothespins and decorate to look like a reindeer
add pin to back to wear
What ideas do you have that you have done with your class?

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