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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whiteboard---not the computer kind

Okay, you may not believe this but if you do you are in the same boat as I am.  Our school still has green chalkboards...yes, I know.......

I teach at the same school I went to as a child and it still has the same chalkboards (just with some extra chalkboard paint layers added). At lunch on Friday, my team and I were discussing how we could get whiteboards (dry erase boards to be exact). The chalk dust is not always cleaned up every day like it should be and leads to not only a mess, but allergies.

A teacher down the hall found some dry erase contact paper like material he applied to the board and it seems to be working but says he paid near $100 for it.  We are not willing to invest that in our rooms since we can be moved at the principals discretion and the board would have to stay behind.  Also, we can not "screw" whiteboard panels in beccause it will damage the board.

So, we were considering dry erase paint.  Has anyone used this?  Does it look nice?  Does it last?

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