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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am back!

Well, not that anyone really reads this, but I have decided to try and get back to writing on here after a long absence.  I have a very challenging class this year and quite frankly I don't think I have ever been so exhausted after a days work both physically and mentally in all 18 years in the education field. So, coming home and working on this is far from my thoughts.  I do however, love, love, love Pinterest! I can get on there or facebook and calm down, if I am left alone for a few minutes (which is rare).

I have found so many cool ideas on that we have used here at home for cooking, organizing, and for my class.  I am so glad I found it!

I also decided in January that I need to do something for myself each week.  I am always making sure one child is taken care of with her cross country and track activities, driving to every small town in Texas to cheer her on (which I LOVE--don't get me wrong!) and making sure her life as a "teenager" is well managed.  The other daughter is 10 and is an active Girl Scout (which makes ME the marketing and sales executive basically these days) and a golfer.  Luckily the golfing is shared with  her daddy because I am horrible at even mini golf, but that leaves the Girl Scout sales to me. ugh..
 Of course there is also my hubby of almost 20 years.  Any married woman knows men require work too! :)  Honey, where are my shoes?  where are my keys?  ha ha!!

So, back to what I was saying.....  I decided I needed to start excercising...for real.  Not just saying I would, but actually doing it! I reeled in my cousin Donna to go with me to a Body Sculpting workout class here in town and I love it!  The first several days, however, I thought I was gonna DIE!  Whew!  Was I out of shape!!  Climbing the stairs at work brought tears to my eyes! But, after 6 weeks now, I am finally feeling better, firmer in places that were not, and sleep better.  It will all be worth it, right?
If anything it is time for ME two nights a week and  I get to see my cousin who is also a very busy dedicated mom.

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  1. You can rest assure that someone is reading your blog (-; Thank you for visiting my blog!!! I hope things get better in your class this year..having a tough group can REALLY test your endurance...yikes...hang in there; however, making sure to spend time for yourself is very important...I am sad to admit that is has been over two years since I last did something for myself...and it was a pedicure...

    Thanks for sharing! And you can always grab freebies on my blog whenever you need a pick-me-up...Freebies ALWAYS make teachers happy (LOL)...okay, well not everything that's free will make teachers happy, but my freebies surely will!

    Have a wonderful long weekend & pamper yourself.

    P.S. I LOVE has become a danger place for me because I can lose hours of reality...hahaha


    The 3AM Teacher